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Our residential window cleaning service will brighten your home and leave it shining. Our window cleaning services include clearing all of the tracks of dirt and muck, as well as cleaning the windowsills, screens and frames. Every detail is covered to ensure your windows have an immaculate sheen. »


We are certified and trained in all facets of commercial window washing, IE...hard water stains, tinted windows, construction clean up, and unusual geometric shapes. We are licensed and insured, contact us for a free estimate.»


Once the building construction is completed, Florida Cleaning Co. professional staff comes in to remove the left-over debris. We remove stickers, paint overspray, stucco, tar and other debris in a scratch free and time efficient manner. »

Tampa Residential Window Cleaning

At Florida Cleaning Company, we know that Floridians lead busy lives. Here in America’s Finest City, we work hard and play hard — and we don’t always have time to take care of those little extras. As a top Tampa residential window cleaning provider, we are happy to help you with the special care that will keep your home looking its best.

 Florida Cleaning Company guarantees not only the quality of our services, but also of our service people. Our uniformed employees are professionally certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. You can’t trust just anyone to come into your home — but from the minute their feet (covered in protective booties!) cross your doorstep, you’ll know your property is in good hands with Florida Cleaning Company technicians.

Whether you simply want an annual cleaning to clear off accumulated dust and dirt, or you want a regular cleaning program to keep your property sparkling,  Florida Cleaning Company can work with you to establish a schedule that works with your busy life, and a payment plan that is convenient for you.

In addition to streak-free interior and exterior window cleaning, Florida Cleaning Company also offers cleaning services for mirrors, stucco, ceiling fans, skylights, solar panels, screens, chandeliers, and skylights. From floor to ceiling, patio to roof, your home will be spot-free! Have customized cleaning needs, or need an emergency clean-up? Call us today at (813)501-7875, and we’ll create a residential window cleaning plan that works for you.

We know you have many choices in who you let into your home, so we aim to treat it like our own. We carry all insurances and licenses required, so there is no risk to you. Over $1,000,000 insurance provided by Nationwide. Don’t forget, we are the only company in Tampa that offers perfectly clean windows in 49 hours GUARANTEED! Call or text us at (813)501-7875. Go with the window cleaning company that Tampa’s finer homeowners choose to take care of their window washing needs. 

Our Services Include:
Window cleaning interior and exterior, complete cleaning of the screens and its frame, cleaning of the sills and tracks, and the removal of any small paint over spray all in one price, no charge for individual services.

Residential Window Cleaning
Our residential window cleaning consist of the complete package; That is when we give you a price for cleaning your windows we want you to understand that we clean all your windows inside and out, clean the tracks out, and cleaning of the screens. We also remove any small debris from the surface all in one price. Our window cleaning solution is safe for your family, children, pets, household flooring and especially your windows, its ammonia free and will not crack, peel, or distort you glass or tint. 

Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing on your home is very important not only for the look and cleanliness of the home but for your carpets and flooring. Did you know that all the dust and dirt that blows across your house generally sticks to the stucco and eventually sticks to your window sills, and screens, which is supposed to provide clean air and ventilation. We do complete house washes to driveways, brick and grout deep cleans, and roof washing. Do you have algae growing on you sidewalks, roof shingles, and or decks? Have a deep surface scrub to remove all growing algae because if you do not it will continue to spread. We offer water re-claim to prevent any and all water from reaching the storm drains which eventually make it out to our streams, oceans and rivers. See pictures below

Rain Gutter Cleaning

Don’t ever risk getting on a ladder or even climbing the roof to go and check your rain gutters. Too dangerous, leave the work to a pro. When we offer rain gutter cleaning we take before and after video and or pictures to show you either the severity of them or to show you what is stopping the flow and to show you the amount of “TRUE” work we have to do. We wont charge you for the total footage of gutters just the amount of dirty areas we are clearing out. After we are finished we will take a video from above to show you that your gutters are clear and complete a water test. From a hose we will have a constant flow of water run through the gutter and show you that the downspout is working and that our work is complete. Its is very important to have these cleared every time we are out that way you wont have any roof issues or gutters leaning and potentially falling.See pictures below

Construction Clean-Up
Our construction clean-up consist of the removal of any debris on the window panes that were left or caused by painting, additions, cement work, sealing, stickers, and or waterproofing such as silicon. We do the research on your type of windows and then use the proper tools to clean, such as a carbon fiber razor scraper, stainless steel scraper, 0000 steel wool, or a thinner such as goof off. We do this to prevent scratches that inexperienced professionals leave all the time. Don’t want scratches? Use Florida Cleaning Company and we will leave your glass scratch free. Every time!

Hard Water Spot Removal

If your home isn’t filtered with a water conditioner there is a 90% chance that you have hard water stains on your windows and especially your shower doors. Our chemical is designed to remove stage 1 alkaline buildup on glass. It eliminates alkaline residues, exhaust particles, chemical and mineral deposits, water spots, the runoff from brick, concrete, and mortar. We can have you glass looking like new again no need to have them replaced.